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Extensive network of nannies

Gain access to a vast network of experienced nannies who have a genuine passion for childcare.

Video interviews

Evaluate nannies through prerecorded interviews. Understand their personality, skills, and caregiving style firsthand.

Verified nannies

We personally contact and crosscheck each nanny, confirming the accuracy of their details and ensuring their presence in the UAE.

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What do families say about us

Delighted Parent!Find My Nanny exceeded my expectations. Directly connecting with nannies was simple and easy - the entire process was in fact enjoyable. Thank you for connecting me with a wonderful nanny for my little one. Highly recommended!
Francesca, Dubai
Perfect rescueFind My Nanny came to our rescue when our permanent nanny was on leave. We were able to find a temporary nanny for one month who was willing to live in. Much cheaper than going through a company and paying per hour. It also gave us that sense of comfort knowing that there will be consistency for that one month till our nanny was back.
Amira, Dubai
Ease Beyond ExpectationsFinding a nanny used to be overwhelming, but Find My Nanny changed that. It definitely helps to view the nanny interviews before contacting them as it just saved so much of my time. Easy to use and no unnecessary complications!
Nitya, Sharjah
Game-Changer for Nanny Searches!Finally, a platform that simplifies the daunting task of finding nannies for parents! This has been a massive challenge for many, and I'm delighted that a solution like Find My Nanny exists to ease the process and provide much needed support.
Steve, Abu Dubai
Happy and DelightedAs a working mom, Find My Nanny made my life so much easier. I was able to easily connect with nannies. No more sifting through countless messages. Grateful for this stress-free experience!
Sara, Dubai


Frequently asked questions

How does Find My Nanny work?

Find My Nanny streamlines the nanny-finding process by providing free access to our extensive pool of nannies. You can refine your search using our search and filter options to match your specific requirements. Upon subscription, you unlock access to nannies' contact details and their complete interviews, depending on your chosen plan.

What do our nanny interviews entail?

Our nanny interviews cover qualifications, experience, and caregiving approaches, providing insights into each nanny's suitability. These brief, 10-minute interviews promote transparency and help you assess compatibility.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Find My Nanny?

Find My Nanny offers a free browsing experience for nanny profiles. When you're ready to connect with nannies and access their full contact details and interviews, we provide three different plans starting from AED 99.

Do you conduct screening on the nannies before their profiles are listed on Find My Nanny?

We carefully vet all nannies, conducting interviews and cross-checking information to ensure accuracy. While we make every effort to verify details, it's important to note that nannies are not directly employed by us and strongly encourage families to actively engage in due diligence.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with a nanny I've hired through Find My Nanny?

If you're unsatisfied with a nanny you've hired through us, please inform us, and we'll offer guidance or explore alternative options.

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