Navigating Sensitive Requests: A Guide for Addressing Tricky Questions with Your Nanny in the UAE

ยท November 14, 2023
Navigating Sensitive Requests: A Guide for Addressing Tricky Questions with Your Nanny in the UAE

In the dynamic landscape of domestic employment in the UAE, addressing sensitive requests from nannies requires a thoughtful and culturally relevant approach. From financial inquiries to time-off requests, navigating these conversations is crucial for maintaining a harmonious employer-nanny relationship. Let's explore some common tricky questions and discuss delicate yet effective ways to handle them.

  1. Financial Requests: Nanny's Request: "Can I borrow some money?"

    • Response: "Certainly, I understand financial needs can be challenging. Instead of a loan, let's discuss setting up a savings plan where a small portion of your salary goes into a separate fund. This way, we can build a financial cushion for unforeseen circumstances." or "We could explore options like encashing a part of your leave or adjusting your travel plans to receive flight reimbursement. I want to support you in the way that works best for both of us, so let's discuss the possibilities and find a solution that meets your needs and ensures smooth operations for us." You can also offer, "You could work during the UAE public holidays, and I'd be happy to compensate you for those days. This way, we ensure fairness and also meet your time-off needs."
  2. Flexible Schedule: Nanny's Request: "Can I take all 5 days of public holidays as days off?"

    • Response: "While taking all public holidays off might not be possible, we can arrange for flexibility during some holidays. Let's create a schedule that works for both of us. Additionally, we can explore working on alternate days and offering extra pay for those days if working". Clarify your expectations regarding holiday schedules for the next time. You can say, "During public holidays, we might need your support. Let's discuss your plans in advance, and we can work out a schedule that's fair for both of us."
  3. Salary Advance: Nanny's Request: "Can I get a salary advance?"

    • Response: "I understand you have urgent financial needs. Instead of a salary advance, let's consider adjusting your salary payment schedule. We could split your monthly salary into two payments, which might help you manage expenses more evenly." If the financial strain is due to unexpected expenses or time constraints, consider discussing a temporary adjustment to the work schedule. This could involve working half days on the weekends or during the public holidays to accommodate their needs while ensuring essential tasks are still covered.
  4. Brand Preferences: Nanny's Request: "Can you purchase specific brands I prefer?"

    • Response: Set clear guidelines for purchases. You can say, "I appreciate your preference for specific brands. However, for budget reasons, we usually stick to [provide examples]. If there's something essential you need, let's discuss it, and we can find a solution together."
  5. Time Off for Personal Reasons: Nanny's Request: "I want to stay the night out; can I have a day off afterward?"

    • Response: "While I understand the need for personal time, it's important to maintain consistency in our schedule. How about we plan such requests in advance so that we can adjust the work schedule accordingly? This way, we ensure clarity and fairness." Discuss your expectations regarding time off in advance. You can also say, "I prefer you to be back by [specified time] as we rely on your support. If there are occasions where you need to stay out later, please let me know in advance so we can make arrangements."
  6. Extended Leave: Nanny's Request: "Can I take an extended leave for personal reasons?"

    • Delicate Response: "I value your dedication to your work. Extended leave might impact our routine, but let's discuss the specific circumstances. We can explore options like unpaid leave or finding temporary assistance during your absence to ensure continuity."
  7. Staying Out Overnight: Nanny's Request: "Can I stay the night out on my day off?"

    • Delicate Response: "I understand that sometimes plans can change. It would be helpful if you could let me know in advance if you plan to stay out later than expected. This way, we can make arrangements and ensure a smooth schedule for both of us. Communication is key, and it helps us maintain clarity and understanding regarding our commitments."

General Tips:

Remember, it's essential to maintain a professional yet compassionate relationship with your nanny. Clear communication and understanding can help navigate tricky questions while fostering a positive working environment.

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