Nanny Reference Check: Questions to Ask Past Employers for Peace of Mind

Nanny Interviewing & Hiring Guide · September 20, 2023
Nanny Reference Check: Questions to Ask Past Employers for Peace of Mind

Hiring a nanny is an important decision that requires careful consideration and thorough research. One of the crucial steps in the hiring process is checking the nanny's references, particularly speaking with their past employers. By conducting a well-prepared reference check, you can gain valuable insights into the nanny's qualifications, work ethic, and compatibility with your family's needs. In this article, we will explore the essential questions to ask during a call with a nanny's past employer, ensuring you find the perfect caregiver for your little ones.

Can you share a bit about the nanny's experience with your family and the responsibilities she handled?

Understanding the duration of the nanny's employment and her primary duties can give you a sense of her experience and dedication. This insight allows you to assess if her experience aligns with your family's specific needs.

How did the nanny interact with your children, and what was her approach to childcare?

Learning about the nanny's interactions with the children and her unique childcare approach can help you gauge if it resonates with your family's values. You can gain a deeper understanding of her style, whether she emphasizes play-based learning, follows a structured routine, or encourages independence in children.

Did you find the nanny to be reliable and open in her communication?

Effective communication is essential in any caregiver relationship, so it's valuable to know if the nanny was reliable and maintained open lines of communication. Discovering if she was punctual, organized, and responsive to your concerns can ensure a smooth working partnership.

How did she handle challenging situations or emergencies when they arose?

Knowing how the nanny handled difficult situations, such as a child's illness or unexpected emergencies, can give you peace of mind. Understanding her ability to stay calm under pressure and respond appropriately when needed is crucial for your child's safety and well-being.

Was the nanny proactive in engaging the children with fun and educational activities?

A proactive and creative nanny can have a positive impact on your children's development. Learning about her initiative in planning engaging activities, such as arts and crafts, educational games, or outdoor adventures, can ensure your child's growth and enjoyment in her care.

What about maintaining a clean and safe environment for the children?

Safety is of utmost importance, so it's reassuring to know if the nanny prioritized a clean and secure environment. Discovering her commitment to childproofing and maintaining a hygienic and organized living space can provide peace of mind.

How did your children respond to the nanny, and did they form a strong bond?

The bond between the nanny and the children is significant. Hearing about the nature of their relationship, whether it was warm, nurturing, and built on trust and respect, can give you insights into their connection. A strong and positive bond fosters a secure and happy environment for your child.

Was the nanny adaptable to your family's routines and guidelines? And was the nanny open to occasional weekend work or flexible hours when needed?

Flexibility is vital in a nanny, so understanding her ability to adapt to your family's routines and guidelines is essential. Knowing if she was open to accommodating occasional weekend work or flexible hours demonstrates her commitment to your family's needs and schedules.

Why did the nanny leave your family, and how was her overall performance during her employment?

Understanding the reason for the nanny's departure can offer additional context and help you evaluate her overall performance. Whether she left due to personal reasons or completed her responsibilities satisfactorily, this information can assist you in making an informed decision about hiring her.

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