Should I Send My Child to Nursery in the UAE? Understanding the Benefits, Timing, and Alternatives

Parenting tips and insights · March 18, 2024
Should I Send My Child to Nursery in the UAE? Understanding the Benefits, Timing, and Alternatives

Deciding whether to enroll your child in nursery is a significant milestone for parents, particularly in Dubai where we already have several alternatives such as having a full-time nanny or grandparents or generally a good support system around us. Understanding the benefits, timing, and alternatives to nursery education is essential for making an informed decision that best meets your child's needs and family circumstances.

Understanding Nursery Education

Nurseries play a crucial role in early childhood development by providing a structured environment where children can learn, play, and socialize. These institutions offer comprehensive curricula designed to enhance cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development in young children.

Benefits of Nursery Education

Enrolling your child in nursery offers numerous advantages, including exposure to structured learning experiences and opportunities for social interaction with peers. Nursery education fosters independence, confidence, and essential skills that prepare children for formal schooling.

When is a Good Time to Send Your Child to Nursery?

In Dubai, it's common for parents to consider nursery education when their child reaches around 18 months of age. My own experience reflects this timing, as both of my girls started nursery at 15 months. I found that they were getting bored at home, especially during the hot Dubai summers when outdoor activities were limited. Nursery provided them with a stimulating environment and opportunities to socialize with other children.

Meeting Expectations and Daily Routines

When choosing a nursery, it's essential to ensure that it aligns with your expectations. Meeting with the teachers and understanding the daily routine of the children can provide parents with a sense of comfort. Many nurseries offer nap times, which allows parents like myself to feel assured that their child is engaged in activities and socializing while they are at work. Additionally, it gives our nanny the opportunity to focus on house chores and recharge, ensuring she is fully energized when the children return home.

Alternatives to Nursery Education

While nursery education is a popular choice for many parents in Dubai, others may prefer alternative childcare arrangements, such as hiring a nanny to care for their child at home. Nannies provide personalized care and attention in the familiar surroundings of the child's home, offering flexibility and convenience for working parents. However, it's essential to consider the socialization opportunities and structured learning experiences that nurseries provide, which may not be readily available with a nanny.

Considerations and Disadvantages

One of the main disadvantages of sending children this young to nursery is the risk of illness. Children often pick up viruses from each other, leading to frequent bouts of sickness. However, this exposure also helps build their immunity over time, making them more resilient to illnesses in the future.


Deciding whether to send your child to nursery or opt for nanny care is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. Nurseries offer structured learning experiences and socialization opportunities, which can be beneficial for children's development, particularly in cities like Dubai. By understanding the benefits, timing, and potential drawbacks, parents can make an informed choice that supports their child's overall well-being and family dynamics. 

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