Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Nanny in Dubai

Childcare Best Practices · April 03, 2024
Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Nanny in Dubai

Hiring a nanny in Dubai is more than just adding a member to your household; it's about finding a new member of your family who can seamlessly blend into the rhythm of your daily life. The interview process becomes not just a formality but a critical step in making sure you find the right fit. These top 10 questions are designed to help you dive deep into understanding who your prospective nanny is, beyond just her resume.

1. What's Your Background in Childcare?

It's essential to start with their history of childcare to gauge their experience and passion for working with children. Whether they've cared for newborns or teenagers tells you a lot about their capabilities and comfort zone.

2. What's Your Approach to Discipline?

Find out if their views on discipline align with yours. Consistency is key in child-rearing, so it's vital that you're on the same page.

3. Are You Trained in First Aid?

In the bustling environment of Dubai, where every day is a new adventure, knowing your nanny is prepared for emergencies offers peace of mind.

4. What Activities Do You Enjoy with Kids?

This question sheds light on the nanny's creativity and energy levels. Whether it’s arts and crafts or a trip to the park, their answers reveal how they’ll engage with your children and keep them entertained.

5. How Would You Handle an Emergency?

A nanny's ability to remain calm and take charge during unexpected situations is crucial. Understanding how they have acted in previous situations of emergencies can help understand their approach.

6. What Are Your Views on Screen Time?

Understanding their stance on technology and screen time helps ensure that your children's digital exposure aligns with your family values.

7. How Will You Keep Us Updated on Our Children’s Day?

Open lines of communication are vital. Discussing how the nanny will report on the day's happenings such as through WhatsApp ensures you're always in the loop. 

8. Are You Willing to Help with Housework?

Clarifying expectations about light housekeeping/meal prep duties upfront can prevent misunderstandings later on.

9. How Do You Handle Stress?

A nanny's ability to manage her stress is essential for maintaining a positive and calm environment for your children. It does get stressful at times when the toddlers are going through a phase of throwing tantrums or when the newborns keep waking up from sleep due to sleep regressions, and simply keeping your calm during these times is all that is required.

10. Why Are You Interested in This Job?

This question allows you to see if the nanny is looking for just any job or is genuinely interested in becoming a part of your family's life. 

The Importance of These Questions

These questions are designed to uncover not just the qualifications but the personality and values of your prospective nanny. The right fit for your family is someone who not only meets your practical needs but also shares your views on child-rearing, communicates openly, and, most importantly, has a genuine affection for children.

Finding the perfect nanny in Dubai means looking beyond the resume to find someone who genuinely connects with your family and your lifestyle. It’s about understanding each other and building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Through a thoughtful interview process, you can ensure that the nanny you choose is not only capable and experienced but also a perfect match for your family's unique needs.

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