Understanding UAE Nanny Benefits as Per UAE Domestic Helper Law

Nanny Interviewing & Hiring Guide · September 21, 2023
Understanding UAE Nanny Benefits as Per UAE Domestic Helper Law

The UAE has become a popular destination for domestic helpers, including nannies, due to its growing expatriate population. As a nanny working in the UAE, it's essential to understand the benefits and rights protected under the UAE Domestic Helper Law. This law ensures fair treatment, proper compensation, and overall well-being for domestic helpers, including nannies. In this article, we will explore the typical UAE benefits for nannies as per the UAE Domestic Helper Law, enabling nannies and employers to understand their rights and obligations.

Entitlements of Nannies:

Under the UAE Domestic Helper Law, nannies are granted an array of essential rights and protections to safeguard their well-being and ensure their fair treatment. These entitlements include:

1. Timely Salary Payments: Nannies are entitled to receive payment of wages, as per the standard contract, within 10 days from the due date. Timely salary payments are crucial for ensuring financial stability for nannies and upholding their dignity as valued employees.

2. Rest Days: Nannies are entitled to have one paid day of rest per week. Rest days are pivotal for nannies to recharge and maintain their physical and mental well-being.

3. Rest Periods: Nannies should enjoy 12 hours of rest daily, including 8 consecutive hours. These adequate rest periods are fundamental to ensuring that nannies can effectively perform their duties and provide optimal care to children.

4. Annual Leave: Nannies are entitled to 30 days of paid annual leave, typically after completing one year of continuous service with the same employer. Annual leave offers nannies the precious opportunity to spend quality time with their families or engage in personal activities.

5. Round-Trip Ticket Home: Every 2 years, nannies should receive a round-trip ticket home. This provision ensures that nannies can visit their families and loved ones, fostering a healthy work-life balance. It's worth noting that many families generously provide a yearly ticket.

6. Sick Leave: Nannies are entitled to take 30 days of sick leave per year.

7. Personal Identification Documents: Nannies should possess personal identification documents such as passports and IDs. This ensures that nannies have legal protections and can access necessary services.

Employment Contract:

According to the UAE Domestic Helper Law, nannies must have a written employment contract. This contract should meticulously outline the terms and conditions of their employment, covering crucial aspects such as working hours, salary, leave entitlements, and the notice period for termination.

Annual Leave:

Nannies are entitled to annual leave after completing one year of continuous service with the same employer. The standard annual leave is 30 calendar days. During this period, employers should provide the nanny with ample time off to rest and recharge.

Medical Benefits:

Per the UAE Domestic Helper Law, employers are required to provide medical insurance coverage for their nannies. This ensures that nannies receive proper medical attention when needed, with the cost of insurance being borne by the employer. Access to medical benefits is pivotal for the well-being of nannies during their employment.

Accommodation and Meals:

Employers have an obligation to provide suitable accommodation and meals for live-in nannies, thereby ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment.

End of Service Benefits:

Upon completing two years of continuous service, nannies are entitled to an end-of-service benefit. The calculation of this benefit is based on the last salary drawn and the duration of service.

Termination and Notice Period:

Both nannies and employers have the right to terminate the employment contract. The UAE Domestic Helper Law specifies a notice period for termination, providing both parties with ample time to make necessary arrangements.

In conclusion, comprehending the UAE Domestic Helper Law is not only crucial but empowering for nannies and employers alike. Compliance with these legal provisions not only safeguards the rights and well-being of nannies but also promotes a harmonious work environment. Upholding these regulations, employers can create a nurturing atmosphere for the children under their care, while nannies can confidently perform their duties, knowing that their rights are staunchly safeguarded. Ultimately, a mutually respectful relationship between nannies and employers fosters a positive work environment, benefiting everyone involved in the care and nurturing of children in the UAE.

Click here to access the UAE domestic workers law.

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