Indoor games for UAE summer days: Keeping kids entertained indoors

Parenting tips and insights · September 20, 2023
Indoor games for UAE summer days: Keeping kids entertained indoors

As a nanny, ensuring the little ones you care for have fun-filled days is essential, even when the weather is scorching hot outside. On sunny hot or summer days, it's not always possible to play outdoors due to the heat and potential risks of sunburn and dehydration. However, there's no need to worry about keeping kids entertained and engaged, as there are plenty of exciting indoor games to enjoy. In this article, we'll explore a variety of indoor games perfect for sunny hot days, ensuring that children have a blast while staying cool and safe indoors.

Freeze Dance:

Freeze Dance is a fantastic indoor activity for kids on hot summer days. Turn up the music and let the little ones groove to the beat. When the music stops, it's time to strike a pose! This game not only gets them moving but also adds an element of excitement as they eagerly await the next freeze moment.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt:

Indoor scavenger hunts are like thrilling treasure hunts right in your home. Craft clever clues that lead to hidden surprises around the house. It's an interactive adventure that sparks curiosity and problem-solving skills in children. Plus, the "treasure" at the end adds an extra layer of excitement.

DIY Obstacle Course:

Building an indoor obstacle course is an imaginative way to keep kids entertained and active. Use everyday items like pillows, chairs, and hula hoops to create a series of challenges. This not only provides physical exercise but also encourages creativity as children design and navigate their obstacle course.

Balloon Volleyball:

Balloon volleyball is a gentle yet exhilarating indoor game. Inflate a balloon and set up a "net" using a rope or a piece of tape. Kids can volley the balloon back and forth, improving hand-eye coordination while having a ball of a time. The soft balloon ensures safe play indoors.

Indoor Picnic:

Transforming your living room into an indoor picnic spot is a delightful way to beat the heat. Lay out a comfy blanket, prepare some child-friendly snacks, and encourage storytelling or playtime. It's a simple yet memorable way to bond with the children.

Indoor Bowling:

Create a bowling alley right in your hallway or playroom with DIY bowling pins using empty plastic bottles and a softball. Children can take turns rolling the ball and aiming for a strike. It's a game of precision and coordination that keeps them entertained and active.

Indoor Bowling

DIY Puppet Show:

Unleash creativity with a DIY puppet show. Help kids make puppets from household items like socks, paper bags, or mittens. Set the stage with a blanket or a cardboard box and let their imaginations shine as they craft stories and put on shows for an audience of family or stuffed animals.

Memory Game:

Challenge memory skills with a classic memory game. Arrange a variety of toys or objects on a tray, give kids a moment to study them, then cover the items and see if they can remember and identify what's missing. It's a brain teaser that also hones their observational abilities.

Indoor Mini Golf:

Get creative with indoor mini-golf by crafting a mini-golf course using everyday items. Kids can practice their putting skills by navigating their way through obstacles made from empty paper towel rolls, cups, and toys. It's a fun and imaginative golfing adventure.

Bubble Wrap Stomp:

Wrap a section of the floor with bubble wrap and let the kids stomp on it, enjoying the satisfying popping sounds. This sensory activity is engaging and provides sensory stimulation for young children.

These indoor games are sure to keep the little ones entertained and engaged on those scorching hot summer days. But don't stop here! Click here for more fun sensory activities to make the most of your indoor playtime.

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